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We are passionate towards the movement into renewable energy, off grid systems and solar passive designs. We can provide you with sustainable living solutions and green technologies to assist your transition to minimise your carbon footprint and your utility bills.

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Electrical Services

New Earth Energy offer a unique service, with an experienced team of conscious electricians to provide advise and solutions to any issues or queries you may have. With a range of product knowledge, a reliable safe work ethic, our team are ready to assist you with all your electrical needs.We offer a wide range of new and existing products to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our suppliers are aligned with our core values and are on board with providing us products to help achieve a cost effective and reliable job.

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We Offer

New installations

Renovations & Extensions

Commercial, Residential & Rural

Maintenance & Service Repairs

Pre purchase home inspections

Standalone Power Systems

Bores, Reticulation and Water pumps

Data and Communications

Switch board upgrades

Energy Efficient Planning

Custom Lighting Designs

Tiny House Electrical

Green light globes

We Guarantee

  •  No job to big or small
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Excellent communication from start to finish
  • We use eco friendly products where ever we can
  • We support local businesses, communities and not for profit organisations.
  • Offering a diverse range of skills and services in the New Earth umbrella; New Earth Living – Sustainable Building
  • A range of advice in all fields electrical, building and designs.

New Earth Energy offers a 12month installation warranty on all work. In the unlikely case of an issue due to the install of New Earth Energy, we will return to rectify the issue promptly and free of charge. We have public liability insurance to the sum of $20 million in place. With a strong focus on safety New Earth Energy have a comprehensive safety management plan including safe work procedures and access to all the latest Electrical standards and Policies through NECA

Standalone Power Systems

Here at New Earth Energy we are a specialise renewable energy company in the design and installation of stand alone and off the grid solar power systems. Our design team have expertise in renewable energy engineering and can customise packages to suit your energy requirements and budget. While are installation team have the same integrity by ensuring each installation is thoroughly checked for quality and safety. Our passion is to provide clean energy and transition away from the use of coal and fossil fuelled powered energy.

Tiny mobile house made of straw and clay

Renewable Energy Perth

New Earth Energy have been working to provide local and rural areas with the means to power their homes, businesses and workshops without having to pay the energy providers for costly power line installations and on going bills.

The team at New Earth Energy are able to offer you a customised off grid electricity supply that will reliably power your home, business or workshop. We provide battery banks to your budget to reach the autonomy you require through the cloudy / rainy days when power generation is minimal.

By aligning with New Earth Energy you are supporting local renewable energy companies and our vision to provide clean energy for a sustainable future.

The Basic Off-Grid System

How Stand Alone Solar Works?

Stand alone solar systems produce reliable and efficient electricity for your home using a relatively simple process.

1. The sun shines on the solar panels on your rooftop, which then convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

2. The DC electricity is stored in the battery bank, and controlled by a solar charger controller which keeps the batteries charged.

3. The stored energy in the batteries runs through an inverter, which converts the DC electricity into 240 volt alternating current (AC).

4. The inverter then sends the AC electricity to your household through your existing switchboard, so you are able to power all your usual appliances.

Green Power

We Offer


Solar energy

At a basic level, Solar Energy is the source of energy gathered from the heat produced by the sun that is then converted into the electricity that our planet uses for heat, air conditioning, and for the purification of water and other fluids. Technically, solar energy is the result of nuclear fusion, the natural process of smaller hydrogen atoms joining to form larger helium atoms. This process happens naturally over and over again, and when emitted by the sun into space, it is called radiant energy.



The force behind Hydropower is a vast cycle involving water evaporation from oceans, rivers, and lakes, which create the clouds that then return the water to the earth in the form of precipitation. The earth’s water sources move in a constant global cycle that is endless and continually renews itself. This renewable energy source is the water that is neither reduced nor evaporated during its global cycle that is then used in the production of electricity and to power machinery.


wind energy

Wind is kinetic energy, the result of mass air movements in motion. Today’s technology, in the form of wind turbines and wind farms capture this kinetic energy and convert it into electricity and mechanical power. This natural form of energy is a clean, inexhaustible, and renewable supply of energy that is used in homes and businesses, and it does not create any pollutants.



The main sources of this renewable energy are derived from biomass, which are recently living organisms such as: forests, plants, animals and their byproducts, and other waste. Biomass is cultivated from the natural process of photosynthesis and converted into bioenergy forms of power and fuels most commonly used for transportation.


ocean energy

This source of electricity is a form of clean, renewable energy that is created by large amounts of ocean currents. Its formation comes from tidal streams, wave movements, and the variance of salinity, the amount of dissolved salt, in the oceans body. Ocean tides and waves will form mechanical energy and thermal energy is formed using the heat from the sun.



This clean, renewable energy source is collected from the natural heat found deep within the earth’s surface. It is a safe, endless source of energy that will not contribute to any form of greenhouse gas emissions. The earth’s internal heat is the result of millions of years of radiogenic decay of elements such as uranium, thorium, and potassium. This energy source is used to heat homes and businesses.


hybird / enablingtechnologies

This is an innovative hybrid energy solution that captures and delivers solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy in a renewable form. It supports the power and reliability of grid quality around the world.

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