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Our support networks – Family, friends or neighbors, these are all essential parts of our learning experience here. With this becomes a close group of people who share similar values and direction in their lives to support one another to learn, teach and fulfill one’s goals. We are involved with local communities and organizations to help bring people together to encourage Co-Living environments.

  • Young and Old
  • Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Homeless
  • Affordability
    • We have brought together the New Earth Collective, to help guide and assist people through challenging experiences.

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Living Off Grid

When we say Living Off Grid, we are not relying on any other services (water, electricity, gas, sewer) to supply our homes with. We can achieve these services by implementing sustainable systems that capture and store these for us.

  • Rainwater Tanks
  • PV Panels / Wind Turbines / Hydro Energy
  • Battery Systems
  • Grey and Black Water Treatment
  • Composting Toilets
  • Permaculture Principles

Each step here brings you closer and closer to independence, building mindfulness for our planet and the living beings who travel amongst it.

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Healthy Homes

What makes a home healthy?
At New Earth we believe your health is key to maintaining a happy lifestyle. With a balance of health across your Mind, Body and Spirit. You spend a large portion of your life – family and friends lives, in each other’s homes.
With the knowledge that is available today, it is easy to begin the journey into improving your living environment,

  • High Indoor Air Quality
  • Wall Breathability
  • All-Natural Materials
  • Edible Gardens and Indoor Plants
  • Solar Passive Designs
  • Low to Positive Carbon Footprint.

With some or all of these principles in place, you could be breathing country air, living in the city!

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Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes have all the essentials needed for a comfortable / enjoyable lifestyle. Your average house is around 150m2 but really, all we need is 30m2 (depending on your circumstances… it may be a lot less), as you can do amazing things from a tiny place – Having the freedom to set sail if the wind changes direction and you want some fresh scenery.

We range from Mobile, Modular and Insitu designs – catering each design to fit the surrounding environment and each person’s unique touches.

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