Meriam Salama

The Henry Project is a social enterprise that seeks to provide affordable homes through shared ownership. It provides opportunities for multiple parties to share ownership of a single title, living independently, but with some communal facilities. The basic premise is that living together can equate to living better; living together can provide better affordability, better social connectedness and a better quality of life. Through partnerships with various organisations, like New Earth Living, The Henry Project explores various models which can deliver this benefit not only to the households who will live in them, but to the broader community around them.
The Henry Project is founded by Meriam Salama. Meriam is an architect and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years in the architecture and design industry. She has worked in Senior Architect roles in architectural practices, managing multi-million dollar residential and institutional projects from design through to construction. She is well versed in all that is required to bring projects to successful completion, with strong problem-solving skills and expertise in taking design ideas from inception to realisation.