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tiny homes for homeless demonstration project

invitation for expressions of interest

new earth living | May 2018


New Earth Living (NEL) is proposing to build a Demonstration Tiny House and use it as a multi-purpose ‘hub’ for people who are sleeping rough, educational workshops and other support services.

 The Tiny House will demonstrate:

  • How a tiny house can be used to support the homeless, both through accommodation and provision of support services
  • The liveability and functionality of a small spaces/ tiny house living for the wider demographic
  • Sustainable construction and off grid living techniques.

In addition to this, NEL proposes that the Demonstration Tiny House be used to deliver educational workshops and support services, in collaboration with partners, including:

  • Training and employment for local jobseekers and partnered organisations during its construction
  • Educational workshops on holistic sustainable living topics, including sustainable construction, permaculture, food / nutrition and mental health.
  • As a place where Health Care can be delivered for those in need
  • As a place where Food can be delivered for those in need


project manager

Name: Brendan Kelly
Position title: Conscious Builder
Contact details: M:        (+61) 400 321 802


indicative timetable

Activity Date
Invitation issued May 2018
Partner Acquisition May-December 2018
Design of Demonstration Tiny House January – February 2019
Construction of Demonstration Tiny House March – May 2019
Campaign to seek contracts and funding April – June 2019
Start delivering products and services July 2019



This invitation for Expressions of Interest is the first step in a process to secure contracts and funding, and to deliver products and services.

NEL intends to find partners through this EOI process. NEL will then work with these partners to:

  1. Design the Demonstration Tiny House to meet the needs of the intended target group. A sample design of what NEL considers achievable is attached to this document.
  2. Design a workshop series and support services to meet the needs of the intended target groups
  3. Build the Demonstration Tiny House, in particular through the employment of a target group
  4. Put together a proposal that includes the built Tiny House, the workshop series and the support services. This proposal will be targeted to state government, local government, social housing providers and community service providers. The proposal will seek to secure contracts to build additional Tiny Houses, and to secure funding to deliver the educational workshops and support services.
  5. Deliver the construction of additional Tiny Houses and deliver the educational workshops and support services.
  6. A longer-term vision to establish Tiny House Communities with sustainable practices.

new earth living role

NEL will:

  • Supply the design of the Demonstration Tiny House to the value of $5,000; to include:
    • collaborative workshops with a group of end users (homeless people as well as partners and stakeholders) for the purpose of designing a Tiny House that suits their accommodation and support needs
    • Drawing set including concept drawings offered for feedback, and then progressed to construction drawings and 3d model.
  • Supply the materials and labour to build the Demonstration Tiny House, to the value of $50,000
  • Co-ordinate the efforts of partner organisations and project manage the process outlined above

partner role

NEL is seeking Expressions of Interests from organisations who would like to partner in this endeavour to:

  • Provide accommodation for homeless people whom they serve
  • Provide training and employment for job seekers
  • Deliver support services such as health care, laundry or soup kitchens to homeless people
  • Deliver workshops on mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness.
  • Deliver educational workshops on a range of sustainable topics
  • Donate materials to be used in the construction of Tiny Houses or in the provision of services
  • Volunteer labour in the construction of Tiny houses or in the provision of services

In addition to the above, NEL is open to discussing any use of the Demonstration Tiny House which is in keeping with sustainable practices and service to community, and welcomes any EOI along those lines.

invitee’s response

Organisations interested in partnering in this endeavour are invited to fill out the following form and return by 31 –08 –18. NEL welcomes all submissions and suggestions of collaboration.

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