What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a term that is often used but is not so clearly defined. Sustainability is the ability to sustain our needs and those of future generation. For this to be achieved we must be aware of the relationships between ecological, social and economic sustainability.
Economies need to grow, society needs to progress but both need to work in harmony with each other and the environment that supports them.

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Our responsibility

At New Earth Living we recognize that the environment must have the highest priority as our social welfare and economic stability would not be present without it. As a conscious building company we have a positive impact on all levels of the building process:

  • Being resource aware with the building materials we use, choosing renewable and those with a low ecological foot print
  • Creating building designs that are suited to our climates and environment
  • Utilising the latest renewable energy and water saving technologies
  • Off-setting our environmental impact through active and financial support of local communities and environmental projects
  • Partnering with other local small businesses to provide the most affordable services to our future clients.

We have come together to foster awareness and offer solutions to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. We encourage people to have a conscious approach in their day to day lives. Knowing that the money we spend is supporting the businesses and companies we choose to align with.
Whether this is represented through the foods you buy, the retail you purchase, or the buildings you choose to put on your land.
We are here to assist you in making a transition to helping our planet live healthier and happier for generations to come.

Why is sustainabilty important?


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